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At Home with Hilary

At the first of his horse shows my gelding, Cruz Bay (pictured left) jumped onto me then out through the jockey door of his trailer. A year later he bucked me off in the stadium phase. My bay stallion jumped a clean round, then soared over the boundary fence and into the crowd….


I'm Hilary and welcome to my horse-life! I used to be spectacularly inept in show-jumping, dressage and one-day-eventing in England, Germany, Italy and the States. I never saw myself as a real winner – and assumed any blue ribbons I got were a fluke.


Finally everything changed. I still mess up (who doesn’t?!) but these days I also consistently win.
Through my equestrian books and articles I want to share my exploits and hard-won knowledge with
other horse people who, like me, believe they’ll never get it right.


May this site inspire your horse riding and improve your horse life!

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